The Home Saver Team is a collaborative effort between a leading real estate investment company and a finance services firm that was formed specifically to help SAVE people and property by acquiring properties people no longer want or can no longer afford.

If you have a house, land or investment property that you are not interested in or you can not afford the mortgage or taxes contact us. Reach out to us even if you are behind on your mortgage. We specialize in helping people who are facing foreclosure. Utilizing our services can also save your credit.

We evaluate each property and each situation individually and we offer a solution that helps you meet your objectives. Our process is quick, simple and solves your real estate problem

» If you have any of these challenges! we can help
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» Do you have a house you don’t want or can no longer afford?

» Are you behind on your mortgage?

» Are you currently In foreclosure or about to be?

» Are you behind or just don’t want to pay property taxes?

» Do you own unwanted rental property?

» Are you frustrated dealing with tenants?

» Do you own a vacant property?

» Did you inherit a property you don’t want to keep?

» Are you looking to relocate quickly but need to sell your current house fast?

» Do you want to avoid paying high realtor commissions?

» Are you going through a divorce?

» Do you own a property with little or no equity that you need to sell?

» Do you own a “Fixer Upper” that you don’t want to put any more money into and just sell it “AS-IS”?